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  • The Happy Post Project

    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    For some time now I have been searching for ways to make a real difference in the world. In my search I came across my friend Mario Chamorro who was already doing some interesting things and who was equally as enthusiastic as me to make a difference. To start the year off, my friend Mario and I decided to start an initiative of our own called the Happy Post Project.

    In a world where the main topics of conversation are the natural disasters, the gasoline prices and the political conflicts, we decided to create a global movement that invites people to take a moment to think about what makes them happy. The Happy Post Project is a social experiment to spread happiness and find out what makes people happy. Our ultimate goal is to develop a viral on-line platform where people can share what makes them happy. We realized that this would require large economic resources so we started old school. On the initial phase we decided the platform would be a 10,000 post-it installation featuring words or drawings that people in different parts of the world used to share what makes them happy. We wanted this project to be global so we assigned post-it colors to each region and hit the streets in different parts of the world equipped with post-its and a marker and started asking people to write or draw what makes them happy.

    Below are some pics I took as I started the initiative in Colombia. We are recruiting more volunteers in different parts of the world every day. Our Facebook page shows pictures of the movement around the world and a website is currently under development.

    Look us up in Facebook: The Happy Post Project.

    Happy Posters in Colombia


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