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Creative Direction & Design

Simon Guindi, Spenglish Brand owner, came to me with a name and lots of great ideas for t-shirts. He had been playing with graphics under the Spenglish name for two years, selling the t-shirts to his network of friends. He now wanted to expand and was looking for some guidance on how to do so. 

Our goal was to develop the Spenglish brand essence and lifestyle. To do so we needed to define what Spenglish represented and who the target audience was. We found the answer was already ingrained in the name. Spenglish was meant to represent the merging of two languages and two cultures that have shared the same territory for several hundred years. Spenglish was to bring together the English and the Spanish language, the North American and Latin American cultures and create its own unique lifestyle and language all the while with a hint of humor. 

We developed a Brand identity that represented both languages and cultures through the use of materials, colors, graphics and messages. 50 shirt graphics were designed for the launch portraying messages in English, Spanish and ultimately in SPENGLISH. An e-commerce site was developed with a full back-end to allow for easy content management. A photoshoot featuring Simon’s Hispanic friends wearing the shirts allowed us to represent the Spenglish brand in an authentic way within a limited budget. 

With a clear message and identity, the SPENGLISH brand has found its place in the market, enjoying a growing customer base as the Hispanic community in the US continues to grow. The product line has expanded to include hoodies, polos, blazers, sweatpants, shorts and bathings suits amongst other products.


"From the day I started working with Catalina, we connected. It was such a relief to find a designer with such sensory creativity.

Her cultural background, education and life experience has led Cata to become a worldly and understanding designer. Her integrity and passion for branding has helped me align and maintain my long awaited brand in a strict but whimsical path.

It has and always will be a great pleasure to work with Cata in many ventures to come. In this day and age it is not easy to come across a wonderful person with such incredible understanding of the world we live in.

Cata has been able to capture my inspiration and manifested it in the physical world, what a gift!"

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  • Inside t-shirt label
  • Left: Photography by Jairo Criollo; Right: t-shirt details
  • Left: Photography by Jairo Criollo;  Right: t-shirt tag
  • Photography by Jairo Criollo
  • Left: Photography by Jairo Criollo;  Right: Promotional Bracelets
  •  t-shirt graphics
  •  t-shirt graphics
  •  t-shirt graphics
  •  t-shirt graphics
  • Spenglish owner Simon Guindi
  • at the Spenglish studio
  • Spenglish lifestyle
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