SFUSD Vision 2025 

Strategic Foresight

Design Strategy 

San Francisco is the highest achieving urban district in the state of California--and at the same time it has some of the largest achievement gaps between and among student subgroups, including English Learners, African Americans, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, and students with disabilities. To address this, as Design Strategist and Engagement Manager for Collective Invention I worked with the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD)  to develop a new vision for the future of public education in the city.  We engaged over 100 stakeholders, working with them to align priorities, programs and partnerships under one overarching vision. Below is a breakdown of the process. 

Process Design: We designed a process that would walk a carefully selected diverse group of stakeholders through a transformative journey of learning, dialogue, reflection, collaboration and co-creation. Each engagement was thoughtfully planned out and designed to provide a creative and productive experience.

Stakeholder Engagement: Throughout the 2013--2014 school year, we engaged hundreds of stakeholders--including teachers, administrators, parents, students, paraprofessionals, elected officials, community based organizations, representatives from the mayor's office, members of the funding community, and academic thought leaders--to collectively grapple with the  challenges and opportunities facing public education in San Francisco today.

Foresight - Vision 2025: What emerged out of this process is a vision of a school system that links student learning not just with the requirements of life in a global society, but with the opportunities and imperatives of living, working, and thriving in the city of San Francisco--which is currently undergoing its own rapid transformations. By linking San Francisco's public education system more tightly to the city's emerging needs and opportunities, SFUSD will have the ability to create brighter futures not just for students but for the city as well.

Outcomes: SFUSD Vision 2025 will serve as a guiding star that aligns the districts actions, shapes their strategies, and directs their growth--as a school district and as a city--in the years ahead. An innovation fund, SF Learn has been created and SFUSD is now developing an innovation strategy and an innovation lab. This work represents the first step towards generating strategies and prototypes to move the visioning effort beyond a vision and into a reality. 

Acting on the Vision 2025, SFUSD is now replacing its legacy district-wide WiFi infrastructure with over 1500 Ruckus ZoneFlex indoor and outdoor Smart WiFi dual-band access points in order to meet new capacity and connectivity demands of today and tomorrow. (paraphrased from marketwatch.com)

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