Nuela Restaurant

Menu Design

Creative Direction & Design

Nuela, a Latin American cuisine restaurant located in Chelsea features dishes from all over South America.


A month prior to opening they approached me to design the look of their menu. The restaurant was in its final stages and my task was to design a menu that complemented the look and feel of the restaurant. The menu covers had to be high end and elegant as well as durable. The menu however was to be easily updatable and easily reproduced in house. The result was a custom made waterproof canvas menu cover housing a linen paper menu that could be easily printed using the inhouse laser printer.

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Restaurant interior photos courtesy of Nuela. Menu photos by Jairo Criollo
  • Restaurant interior photos courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Nuela</a>. Menu photos by <a href="">Jairo Criollo</a>
  • Restaurant interior photos courtesy of<a target="_blank" href="http://"> </a><a href="">Nuela</a>. Menu photos by <a target="_blank" href="">Jairo Criollo</a>
  • Chef Adam Schop photo courtesy of the <a href="">The New York Times</a>.
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