Business Concept & Prototype Design 

Creative Direction & Design

In an attempt to remember our roots and embrace earlier times, I created the NATUROPATH Business Proposal and Design. In different ways we are realizing that the use of chemicals amongst other things are taking a toll on our health and our planet. People have responded by consuming organic foods and being more selective on what products they consume.


Naturopath’s business proposal focused on recuperating ancient wisdom from tribes around the world. For centuries these tribes have been using natural remedies that have proved effective without the need for chemicals. Products using these natural remedies exist but they don’t give credit or profit to their original discoverers. This line of product was meant to inform people of the existence of these tribes and their wisdom while providing them with a natural product and giving them an opportunity to give back by purchasing their products.


A graphic system was created to inform the customer what tribe each product came from, where the tribe lives & some information about their history. This project speaks to my interest in simpler days, days before industrialization and corporate giants. It speaks to my interest in giving people who have been marginalized and abused a voice.

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