Gregorio Uribe Big Band

Brand Identity

Creative Direction and Design

Gregorio Uribe Big Band, is a 16-piece band that blends Latin rhythms with funk groove and jazz. Under Gregorio Uribe’s leadership, this Big Band brings together musicians from different countries around the world and creates a masterpiece of rhythms.


Coming from an Artistic background, Gregorio Uribe had a good understanding of what he wanted to communicate through his Big Band's image when he came to me. This made my job very easy.


Gregorios vision and music is based on the right balance between his latin roots, the Big Band jazz roots and the contemporary world he wants his music to live in. Gregorio has achieved this balance through his music and was now looking to communicate it in his Big Bands essence.


Visually, this essence had already started manifesting itself organically in the Bands presence. Composed of talented young musicians wearing hip accessories such as colorful sneakers and hats, the band was also very elegantly coordinated to wear black buttoned shirts, black pants and colorful ties; a tribute to the bands jazz roots. At the center of it all was Gregorio, leading the 16 instrument big band, also in a shirt and tie but wearing colorful artisan bracelets and a sea shell necklace; a tribute to his latin roots.


Gregorio's first single was coming out and he wanted to represent the above described balance through his Bands image. Gaia Entertainment had just finished filming the video of the single and Jairo Criollo was brought in to photograph Gregorio for the single's cover. The final touches where the development of a logo, applied to the single cover and new website. All the described elements working together successfully achieved the balance Gregorio was looking for.



"I've had the pleasure of working with Catalina on the branding/design of my band's new image and I could not be more pleased with the results.

Catalina was able to translate into visual language all of what my music represents. It is thanks to her methodic working process and vast experience that she was able to focus all that I wanted to say in the final results.

Her professionalism is simply of the highest quality and her vision and concept are so clear that one can only aspire to achieve the same in one's field. I sincerely hope to work in many future projects with Catalina. Her kind personality makes it even more of a pleasure to collaborate with her."

-Gregorio Uribe, Big Band Principal & Lead Musician

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Gregorio Uribe Big Band playing at SOB's. Photo by Jairo Criollo
  • Gregorio Uribe Big Band playing at SOB's. Photo by <a href="" target="_blank">Jairo Criollo</a>
  • Caribe Contigo Single Cover. Photography by <a href="">Jairo Criollo</a>
  • Microsite by Bill Gaines. Photography by Jairo Criollo
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