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Adriano Fagundes is a professional photographer who's photos have been featured in a range of magazines including InStyle, Rolling Stone, SPIN, Dazed and Confused, Marie Claire, and Condé Nast Traveler amongst others. His Corporate clients include HBO, Mercedes Benz, AMC, Sephora, and American Express.


Adriano came to me when he was planning his "20 Years of Photography" exhibition. The show was meant to celebrate 20 years of his work and the proceeds for the show were to be allocated towards the finalization of the Amazon Project, a book initiative Adriano has been working on for some time.


Following the exhibition, Adriano was to travel to Brazil for 10 weeks to finalize the book project featuring the people of the Amazon region; from the source of the Amazon river in Peru, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, over 5000 km. down the river. Adriano's passion and main goal for the book is to show how the amazon people live and work, and how they interact with their environment.


Our first step was to identify that the exhibition had two purposes. One was to showcase his work and the second was to promote and fundraise for The Amazon Project. Very conveniently, the space Adriano had available for the show had two different spaces to showcase his work. We decided the front room would feature a mixed collection of work he has done in the past 20 years and the back room would feature the progress that had been done so far on The Amazon Project. Cocktails would be held in the back room amongst the Amazon images.


Adriano came to me to help him define a look and feel for the exhibition and to help him promote it. I felt it was important to first establish a graphic identity for him that he could use to market his work not only for the exhibition but moving forward in his career. A logo and graphic system was designed to promote Adriano and his work. Promotional materials such as posters, postcards and invites where developed for the exhibition.


"For my 20 Years of Photography exhibition this year in New York I needed someone to design the whole look and feel of the show. Catalina took on the project and did an amazing job! She came up with everything from the logo, to the postcards, posters and invitations. She also worked with me to determine how the photos would be displayed at the gallery exhibition.

Her approach to understanding my work was very important to me and she made sure the whole project was done in an intelligent and tasteful way.

Catalina's design skills and aesthetics were a crucial part of the success of my exhibition. Her work is flawless. She is a great person and an outstanding designer!


-Adriano Fagundes, Photographer

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